Alright, my itinerary for this summer is official, and on the semester at sea website, we are listed as “current voyage” – how cool is that? I  have less than a month to go, and I want to post the countries I’ll be visiting, and take people’s suggestions of must see, must do, or must eat places! I know this is kind of ridiculous – but I’m so anxious about this trip because I feel like I MUST DO EVERYTHING in EVERY COUNTRY. I know that’s impossible, so if you’ve been to any of these places, let me know what to see and what to skip!

The ship leaves from Halifax, Nova Scotia. My mom and I are going up there a few days early and just spending some time before the ship departs!

And then .. I’m off!  

    Barcelona, Spain June 24  – June 27
    Civitavecchia / Naples, Italy June 29 – July 05
    Dubrovnik, Croatia July 08 –  July 11
    Piraeus (Athens), Greece July 14 – 14 July 18
    Istanbul, Turkey July 20 – July 24
    Alexandria , Egypt July 27 – July 31
    Casablanca, Morocco August 07 -August 10
    Norfolk, VA USA August 21

     In most of the countries, I’m sticking to the port cities.

    Gotta tell you though – in Spain, I’m going to the Medes Islands with my bio class to snorkel – and YES this counts as a lab class !

    In Italy, I signed up for a trip through SAS. There is SO much I want to see and do in Italy, and I felt like going with the program would be the easiest way. After arriving in Civitavecchia, I’ll be going to Venice, Verona, Florence, Rome, Pompeii and then meeting the ship again in Naples!

    I know almost nothing about Croatia except for what I learned on Bridget’s Beaches .. so I plan on exploring and beaching it up here.

    In Greece I want to see the Acropolis, but I’m hoping to spend a night or two in Mykonos as well!   According to my sister I MUST eat a lamb gyro – but this vegetarian is not so sure about that …

    I can’t wait to go to a traditional Turkish bath in Turkey! From what I’ve heard, they scrub you, beat you with sticks, then you get to relax in a sauna. And of course, I know hitting up the Grand Bazaar is a must.

    In Egypt, I can’t tell you how excited I am to see the pyramids!! I loved every second of Anthony Bourdain’s episode of No Reservations about Egypt – I  can’t wait to see the hustle and bustle of Cairo at night! Hopefully my Arabic skills won’t fail me and I’ll get to talk to some locals. Plus, my family is thinking about meeting me in Cairo for a few days and that would make me beyond happy!

    Finally, Morocco – nooo idea! I considered signing up for a field trip to camp out in the Sahara, however, upon further introspection, I decided that I value a modern bathroom, air conditioning, and running water available to me at all times way too much. Besides, I’ve already ridden on a camel, and I did NOT enjoy it.

    So there’s my summer in a nutshell! I’m trying to keep my mind on the last few weeks of the quarter here at Ohio State, but this trip is def more exciting to think about than Dies-Alder reactions and other carbon based molecules.

    Help me out! I’m more than open to suggestions!

    And if you want a postcard, comment, email or fb me! I love sending mail 🙂