Early on the morning of the second day in Greece, Victoria and I woke up and headed to the ferry station to get tickets for our ride to Mykonos. Unfortunately, the fast ferry was sold out except for business class and the only regular tickets left were for the slow ferry. We made the poor decision to save some money and take the slow ferry. Never, ever again will I do that. Our ferry was 5 terrible hours. Once we got to Mykonos, we were bombarded with locals who had rooms and hotels for rent.Greece 058

   Vic and I were the epitome of backpack chic.

Greece 060

Our other two friends Mollie and Caitlin were on the SAS trip to Mykonos so they had hotels and plans all booked up already. They got tickets on the fast ferry and were busy lounging at the hotel when we arrived in Mykonos. Vic and I booked a room at the hotel my roommate Mollie was staying at, so we hightailed it over there to meet up with everyone.

Once we arrived, we were greeted by tons of SASers and the two deans of our program! Turns out they were staying at that hotel too, so we all lounged by the pool and drank mojitos for the afternoon. The hotel was beautiful and the view from the pool was of the Adriatic Sea.
 Greece 123

Fun fact about Mykonos – the whole island only has 33 taxis. Our hotel was on the northern end. The town square and all the restaurants and nightlife are on the southern end. Luckily, when us girls headed out for the evening, we caught our hotel’s shuttle into town. We had a great dinner and then went out and saw what Mykonos Town had to offer.

It looked a lot like this: Greece 089

And this: Greece 112

Another fun fact about Mykonos – it is the gay capital of Europe!

Anyway, we spent the evening celebrating Caitlin’s 21st birthday .. which was successful by any American’s standards. Our girl went from … Greece 095to …Greece 118  then finally to … Greece 121 
But not until we waited in the world’s longest freaking taxi line!

Greece 114Seriously.

The next day we woke up and were excited to go back into town to do a little shopping and then hit up Paradise Beach .. until Victoria fainted in the middle of a store and we had to go back to the hotel. The rest of the day we lazed around at the pool. Good news was since the hotel staff was so worried about Vic that they gave us a hotel room to use for the day! We got to nap, take another shower and relax in the room before our ferry back to Athens.

Catching the ferry back was a bitch. That whole 33 taxis on the whole island was a problem yet again. Mollie, Cait, Vic and I barely made it back to the port in time. Our hotel concierge was awesome and called in a favor to one of the taxi drivers and we got there with just a few minutes to spare. Three hours later, we were back in Athens. It was absolutely wonderful to see the M/V.

While Mykonos was an awesome island and our hotel was beautiful, our trip overall was kind of a bust. I feel like I had super high expectations for it, but it just didn’t deliver. I think the low number of taxis was definitely an issue, it really hindered us from getting around.  I absolutely loved Athens though!  Hopefully in the future I can go back to other Greek islands – all the local Athenians were saying that Ios and Santorini are much better.