This post is over 3 months late. I really wish I had gotten this all down  earlier, but I just wasn’t ready to accept that the whole experience is over (and I’m sort of lazy).

My last and final port was Casablanca, Morocco. Before I delve into my day-by-day recap, I’d like to tell you something you may not know. Morocco has a very distinct odor.. It seriously is like raw meat, dirty animals, sewage and fishy sea air all rolled into one. It was an exciting country with amazing culture and food, but honestly, I felt like pinching my nose for the better part of four days. Anyway …

Day 1 –
So, we ported in Casablanca around 8 am, but Morocco has a very strict entrance procedure and we didn’t get our passports cleared until around 12:30. By that time, all the trains into Marrakech had sold out. The only other option was to get a taxi to take us on the 3-4 hour long trip.

The girls packed & ready to start our Moroccan adventure!

The taxi ride was easily the scariest drive of my life. Not only we get into a car with a strange man who we could not communicate with, but the car started overheating less than half way through the trip. We pulled over to the side of the road multiple times, and finally after my blood pressure reached an all time high, we made it to our riad ( a type of hotel) in Marrakech.


The riad was BEAUTIFUL! Us girls were the only occupants besides the staff, which was really nice since the layout was very open and the locks on the doors were not very sturdy. (Except the main entrance which was locked 24/7 and the only person with the key was a staff member)

Morocco 005


Morocco 007

Since we arrived so late, we didn’t do too much sight seeing. However, we did end up going out that evening. We ended up at Pacha – the largest nightclub on the whole continent of Africa. I’m not huge into the club scene, but it was definitely a good time!

Day 2 –
We woke up bright and early and were treated to a traditional Moroccan breakfast of pancake type bread with butter and jam. After that, Vic and I ventured out to conquer the infamous souks.

Morocco 015

Morocco 016

Morocco 018

Morocco 021

Morocco 023

I ate a delicious lunch at this roof top restaurant, only to get a mild case of food poisoning and throw it up just moments after finishing. Needless to say, the rest of the afternoon and evening were spent back at the riad.

Day 3 –
I literally have nothing good to say about this day, except for that I finally made it back to the ship. We went to the train station and they were sold out of first class tickets. We had to get tickets in the economy seating which didn’t even have enough seats. Not to mention the animals.  I don’t want to be a brat, but there was no air conditioning, we were sitting on top of our suitcases in the aisle way and constantly being walked over by other people. It really REALLY made me appreciate public (and private) transportation at home in America.

The only reason we are smiling in this picture is because we are listening to “Party in the USA” – wish I was kidding.

After a nap and a hot shower, the girls and I decided to go to a  Casablanca landmark – Rick’s Cafe for dinner. We loved it! It’s based on the famous cafe from the movie Casablanca and was run by an American expat. The food & cocktails were exceptional.

Morocco 038

Morocco 046

Day 4 –
The last day in Morocco was one I will always remember. In the morning, I went to the souks which were nothing compared to the souks in Marrakech. We did see some pretty cool stuff, though.

Morocco 050

Morocco 051

After making a few purchases, the girls and I decided to  go back to Rick’s cafe for our last few hours in Casablanca. Victoria hadn’t gotten to go with us the night before, and we were more than happy to go back.

It was an amazing afternoon full of good food, laughter, and discussion of our summer adventure and the adventures we hope to embark on together in the future.

Morocco 054Morocco 058

Morocco 055 Morocco 056

By the time we  finished the bottle of champagne, multiple beers, and free round of Bloody Mary’s, we were quite drunk and ready to head back to the ship.

We were an emotional bunch, to say the least. DSCN1497 

I wish I could put into words what  this trip meant to me. Unfortunately, I just can’t communicate how amazing,  fantastic and utterly life changing the experience was. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Until the reunion voyage …