I think it’s safe to say that Greece was one of the countries I was most excited about visiting. A combination of watching  My Big Fat Greek Wedding 500 times with my mom, a love of spanakopita, and excitement over visiting the Greek Islands made me thrilled to reach our port in Piraeus.

On our first day in Greece, I set out with my usual crew of Mollie (my roommate), Victoria, and Caitlin (the girls that live across the hall). Much to Victoria’s excitement, we had to take the metro into Athens. I don’t usually like taking the metro if it’s underground – just too enclosed for me – but the metro taking us into Athens was an above ground train, so it wasn’t bad .. except that deodorant apparently hasn’t reached Greece yet. Oh, and the fact that there are literally 100s of stray dogs roaming Athens. Not kidding. The locals feed them and pet them .. most are tame and don’t even bark, but man was it a shocker!

So after taking the tram into the Montastriaki area, we decided we needed some fuel before our day. We stopped for lunch at a great restaurant that I ended up going back to multiple times.

Greece 003 

Greece 006

    Going clockwise: Me, Caitlin, Mollie & Victoria

It’s really different the way you get the check in Greece. Each time you ask for something, they bring you a slip and put it in this little container on the table. For example, we ordered coffees before our food and we got the slip before we ordered our lunch. When we ordered our food we got another slip, and then we ordered more water and coffee and got a third slip! It was strange, but we got used to it by the end of our  trip. One thing we didn’t get used to was how difficult the receipts were to decipher. Greece 005

After lunch, the girls and I began the trek up the hill to the Acropolis. After a total of 5 minutes, we decided we needed a taxi. Greece is HOT! So, after one of the scariest taxi rides of my life, we finally reached the ruins. They were amazing! It was so neat to see the city from up above.

Greece 026

Greece 018 Victoria, Mollie, Me & Caitlin in front of the Parthenon

I know it doesn’t look like it … but we were all hot, sweaty, messes. We were all dying in the heat and after a little while at the Acropolis, we decided to call it quits and head to the air conditioned New Acropolis Museum!  I wish I could have taken pictures in there, but it’s strictly forbidden. The Greek police will actually throw you in jail if you take pictures of some of the artifacts. I don’t know if you’ve seen the show Locked Up Abroad … but I have and it scared me so much that I didn’t even try to take pictures.

We spent the rest of the afternoon mastering the Athenian underground system. AKA we got lost after wandering around and thanks to Victoria, we made it back to Piraeus safe and sound. The girl LOVES the metro system in any country .. and once again she did me proud, getting us home faster than I ever could.

We went back to the ship and relaxed for a little bit before heading out for our first night out in Greece.  For dinner, I had literally the BEST Greek salad ever.Greece 042

After  dinner, we headed to a very authentic Greek establishment …the Irish pub down the street. haha, Piraeus, the area we were docked in, didn’t have too much to offer for night life.  The pub was decent, but were were catching a ferry to Mykonos early in the morning, so we decided to call it a night after a round of birthday shots for Caitlin, who had to celebrate her 21st birthday on the ship. Greece 043
Victoria: genie & cocktail waitress

Greece 045
I know by the time Caitlin sees this it will be well past her 21st birthday … but HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY CAITLIN!!!