So after visiting Pompei, the SAS tour I was on hit up our final destination in Italy: Naples, Italy – the murder capital of Europe. Yes, that’s right! If I thought Pompei was freaky, I had no idea what was in store for me when I reached our port city.

Before getting back to the ship, we had lunch at an “authentic Napoleon  pizzeria” where we watched our pizzas being made. Since one of the things I miss most while I’m on SAS is cooking, so I loved this, it was so neat!! Honestly though, I don’t know why it takes so long to make pizzas in America, these babies  literally took 3 minutes to make. One to assemble, two to bake, done.

Italy 255 
Step 1: sauce

Italy 256
Step 2: cheese (he was a little stingy, not gonna lie)

 Italy 257
Step 3: bake

After eating one of those delicious pizzas (bringing my pizza count up 4), we had a “driving tour of the city” which was just the SAS field office sugarcoating the ride home. The views were beautiful though, and we got to stop at the top of a huge lookout and see the bay of Naples.Italy 259 At this point, we were all thinking:
“what are people talking about? Naples is sweet!"

Uhhh I wish I had some pictures as evidence of how scary/dirty Naples actually is, but I was  too busy clinging to my purse for dear life to stop and record the scenery. I’ll just pretend that Naples is as pretty as that photo above.

I know it sounds like I’m totally hating on Naples, but there were some good parts. Like having the BEST pizza of my life – the Paduese pizza at Rosso Pomodoro. I know I said I had the best pizza of my life in Florence, but  I lied.  The tour guides were right, Naples knows its pizza.
(pizza count – 5 – embarrassing)

The one night I spent in Naples was made even more amazing by the fact that during dinner, a homeless man with a guitar came up to our sidewalk table and serenaded us with “That’s Amore” Naples 002 (Emily & Caitlin, looking their finest)
(Please don’t kill me girls .. it’s the only picture I have!!!)

Another good thing about the port of Naples is that Mollie found her future husband in one of the “security guards” that “guarded” the entrance to our port. Naples 001( sorry Dan)
(and sorry Mollie -  you know I can’t help  myself hahahaha)

If you’ve read this far, you’re lucky (and obvi very bored) because the best part of going to Naples was …Naples 004MEETING GIULIANA AND BILL!!!!!!

If you don’t know, they have a show on Style/E! titled “Giuliana and Bill” Plus, Giuliana does E! news and Bill won the first season of the Apprentice. Or something, I don’t really know. He isn’t the one we were excited about, although he was the friendlier one. He thought SAS was the coolest thing ever.  We saw them walk by our table at dinner, but we were too starstruck/busy stuffing our faces with food & wine to ask for a picture. Luckily, right when we were done eating, we saw them walk by again and we crossed 4 lanes of traffic to run after them and get this picture. Sad, but true. And worth it.

Honest opinion: she’s prettier AND skinnier in person. Biotch.