On my last day in Italy, I was faced with a tough decision. The choice was to take a quick ferry ride over to a famously beautiful little island named Capri or to stay in Naples and face potential mugging and purse snatching. Needless to say, I chose the short ferry ride over to Capri with my friend Caitlin.

As soon as the ferry arrived at it’s destination, we thought we had made the wise choice.Capri 003  View of Capri from the ferry dock

Once we got up to  the top of the island via tram, we KNEW.Capri 015 Capri 017 Capri 020
Only the most breathtaking views I’ve ever seen

Since we decided it best the wander the island, we inevitably ended up lost. However, there are much worse things than being lost in Capri. Now, remember how I mentioned that we took a TRAM up to the TOP of the island? Well, shortly after getting lost,  we found ourselves.

Where,  you may be asking?
Well, at the bottom of these stairs of course!

Capri 023

 many, many more stairs were climbed than are actually pictured

After a long, LONG climb back up to the top of the island, we found a botanical garden with even more amazing views of the island and the water.Capri 030

After stopping to snap hundreds of pictures, we decided it was time for lunch. Somehow, Caitlin and I stumbled upon an amazing restaurant, Il Geranio, and had a meal that I know I will remember forever. Everything – company, food, wine, ambiance, not to mention the view and the service – was amazing! Caitlin and I decided to split some ravioli and a penne and eggplant dish, and both were so delicious, possibly the best meal I had in Italy. Our waiter, Roberto, was very friendly, especially since Caitlin and I were the only diners in the restaurant for most of our meal.Capri 049Caitlin, Roberto & I
Capri 050  
The view from our table, no big deal

After finishing our leisurely lunch, we noticed the time was around 2:30 pm.

Now, before I go on, let me explain that on the last day in a port, there is an “on-ship time” that all passengers of the M/V Explorer must adhere to. If you arrive back to the ship after the appointed time, you get dock time in the next port, meaning you get off later than everyone else on the first day, or have to be back ultra early on the last day. If you are super late, you can miss entire days, a whole city or get left behind! SAS doesn’t mess around with dock time.

So, knowing that we had to be back on board at 6:00 pm, we thought taking  the 3:30 pm ferry would be fine since the ride from Capri to Naples is only 40 minutes. The 3:30 ferry would have been fine, but somehow we bought our roundtrip tickets in the morning for the 5:30 pm ferry! All I could think was DOCK TIME, OH NO!!

While part of me was fine with being stuck on Capri, the other part of me was a little stressed out.

Not too stressed out to stop for gelato on the way down to the dock though.

Long story short, Caitlin and I run around like crazy women with 10 minutes to go, trying to find the 3:30 pm ferry. Once we find it, we learn that tickets are nontransferable and nonrefundable, so we have to buy another ticket! We ran to the ticket counter and realized that we might have a few minutes to spare, so I bought our tickets while Caitlin ran into a shop and bought wine. Running like crazy women (theme of the day I guess) .. we make it on to the ferry and pop open the wine to celebrate.Capri 066

We made it back to the ship feeling happy, full & sun kissed with plenty of time to spare!

The best part of the story?

The next day in class, a girl that has never talked to Caitlin goes “Hey were you in Capri yesterday? I could have sworn I saw you and a redheaded girl running around the docks  yelling and trying to get onto a ferry!”