Italy 231

Mt Vesuvius is scary. I don’t care what anyone else who has been to Pompei has to say about it. I was freaked out when I saw this bad boy looming in the distance. I mean, we were walking around a city that got destroyed by that thing! After I got over my initial fear, I really enjoyed Pompei. It was probably the best tour I had in Italy. The guide was to the point and moved us quickly through the sites, and I learned a lot. I hate to start this post out on a sad note, but being there was unreal. I really could imagine the people walking around going about their daily lives, and then BOOM! Ahhhh it was too much. The site is so well preserved, and according to our guide, it’s the #2 most visited archaeological site in the world. (#1 is the Giza Pyramids) (Only 3 more weeks!!!)

Italy 252The petrified body of a person crouched over in pain, covering their mouth to try to save themselves from the poisonous gasses filling the air. This was bone chilling to see. Even worse was the pregnant woman, which I just couldn’t even bring myself to take a picture of.

Italy 253 Now okay, not to belittle an animals worth (I’m veg after all, you know) but people were like CRYING over this dog and like didn’t even blink an eye at the petrified humans. Uhhhh I don’t get it? This was sad though .. I mean that dog was so defenseless, and it really shows that the depth of the devastation that was the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.

Pompei was well worth the visit. I mean, I know I made it sound like it was the saddest thing I’d ever seen .. but it was also one of the coolest. It really is a little city frozen in time.