Since I’m pressed for time, I’m going to do the highlights of Spain mostly in pictures .. which is probably more exciting than me drooling over how beautiful everything was!

Day 1 – Finally get of the god forsaken M/V Explorer, hit La Ramblas (main tourist street, full of vendors and shops), have the best cafe con leche of my life, take a bus tour of the city, eat a DELISH dinner, talked to Rob (!!!!), hit the bars (accidently crashed a bachelor party haha), get snooki punched.

Yes friends, you read that right. I got punched in the face by a guy on my first night in Spain.

Ohhhh Europe.

Spain Day 1 001

Me, Mollie, Erica and Victoria in front of the statue dedicated to Christopher Columbus.

 Spain Day 1 007

Beautiful bouquet of flowers I saw on La Ramblas

Spain Day 1 024

Me and Victoria on our bus tour of the city

Spain Day 1 108

A view of the city from the art museum, at the top of a mountain

Day 2 – Seeing as we didn’t go to bed until around 7:30 am (sorry mom), we woke up feeling less than hot. Had some veggie paella for “breakfast”, explored some of Barcelona on foot, shopped a little (again, sorry mom) and then got ready in Sephora instead of going back to the ship. Watched the last few mins of the world cup game, then hit up some bars/clubs on the beach. Consensus: fun, but I’m so not a clubber!

Spain days 2-3 002 Spain days 2-3 004

Day 3 – Saw the entire freakin city. No joke. Got up to the top of a mountain via gondola, hit the Segrada Familia, and saw the Olympic swimming pool from 1992.

Spain days 2-3 026

Spain Day 1 053

Segrada Familia

Spain days 2-3 007

Spain Day 1 124

Spain is a beautiful place, but I feel like it was just another big city. No huge culture shock. The food, wine, and views were all amazing!

Well Spain .. it’s been real.

Spain days 2-3 023

  • Stamps in my passport: still 1 b/c customs comes onto the ship and won’t take the time to stamp 1000+ passports. lame.
  • Books read: still 1 b/c I’m too busy exploring Europe and/or napping