Second, there is a reason people invented planes.

So my day begins after brunch, my mom and I walk down to the docks behind the hotel. This was a maybe 5 minute walk, my mom suggested that we leave 30 minutes early “in case we get lost.” Keep in mind that the hotel is literally on the waterfront, I can see the ship from our hotel room. Only my mother, haha.

Once we get to the docks, I’m so excited … until I see the line! SAS had everyone come to the docks at different times, depending on last names. I was there a few minutes early, right before 10 am. Long story short, I didn’t get on the ship until 3.5 hours later. Apparently the security people at the docks were union workers, which authorized a 15 minute break and a 1.25 hour lunch while about 800 people were in line with parents & suitcases.  I spent the hour lunch break to walk over to a coffee shop and get my mom and I a little afternoon pick me up. It was such a cute coffee shop, and the poor people working there had no idea what was going on – they did not expect the Union worker’s lunch break either I guess!

Anyway, my mom and I exchanged a tearful goodbye and I breezed through security and FINALLY got on the ship! Wooohooo! Let me just say, the ship is MUCH nicer than I expected. I thought, man college kids run wild on this thing; it must be so run down, small rooms, dirty bathrooms, so not the case! Here a few pictures I snapped of my room when I first arrived.

I was only in my room for a little while before my roommate came. She is a nasty, disgusting person, I don’t know how I’m going to last the summer with someone who is such a bitch.

Obviously, that’s a joke!! My roommate, Mollie, is WICKED awesome! (and from Massachusetts, in case you couldn’t tell, haha) I was so scared I’d get some girl who I had nothing in common with, but Mollie and I hit it off right off the bat. We have a lot in common and she’s super easy to room with.

We had some rough waters the first two days so I took a ton of meclazine, given to me by the doctor on board. Uhhhhh she said it might make us drowsy, but she didn’t mention the weird dreams and nightmares that are a side effect!!! Haha .. I seriously thought I was going nuts then my history professor told us that it’s a common side effect.

Classes are okay, nothing too exciting to report back yet. Ecology is interesting; the professor is super excited about the subject, which is really awesome and kind of contagious. However, he wants us to write3, 10-pg papers over the course of 22 class days … so I can’t say I like it. Global Studies is a class that is required, and everyone in the ship takes it at the same time. Since the union on board isn’t big enough for everyone, some people have to watch it over the TV in other classrooms, which trust me, makes it that much harder to pay attention. My favorite class is surprisingly history. My professor is such a chill lady, she keeps it real. Our midterm and final are 2, 2-page papers, and we have to keep a journal of historical influences we see in port. She makes history interesting, and I’m pretty sure she is taking this semester as a vacation too; she knows we aren’t actually here for the stimulating classes! She tries to get the tests from our other Profs and tell us what’s on there, no joke. Dr. Patricia O’Neill is AWESOME!

The food … sucks. I don’t mind too much because they always have a veg option which is great, but it’s dining hall food so I can’t expect much. Today they served bananas .. covered in mustard and mayo. OMG .. just how outrageous does that sound?! (no, I didn’t try it)

Overall, the trip hasn’t been amazing over the top excitement… I have been doing a lot of sleeping…We’ve been losing an hour of sleep every night so that we are on local time when we get to Spain. The weather has been nice, but not quite hot enough to lay out. Hopefully in the next day or two when we get closer to land it will be laying out weather! I have so much I want to see and do in Spain, the posts will be a lot more exciting once I reach port!!

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