So I’m going to be up all night frantically packing, with the help of my lovely mother who is escorting me to Halifax in the morning. I’ve got everything from socks to swimsuits, phone charger to pens, and I still have a feeling I will forget something!

I’m an odd mix of scared and excited right now. Way too jazzed up to sleep! I’m worried about my roommate, sea sickness, and just the fact that for 10 days, I won’t see anything except the wide open ocean. So much is going through my mind right now, especially how much I’m going to miss Rob, who I had to say bye to tonight.

Luckily, earlier this evening we got to spend some time together, my mom took us out to dinner at a great restaurant in Columbus called Cap City Diner. Rob and I at dinner Also, gotta give Rob a public thank you – he stopped by my hotel to pick up an extremely girly piece of luggage from me so I wouldn’t have to pay the extra money to check it! THANKS BABE!

Alright, well gotta get back to packing! My mom is probably going to make me get rid of half the contents of my duffel .. that just means more souvenirs I can bring back, right?

(and once again, if you want a postcard, email me or comment here and give me your address!)